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    Kent PhotographyLingmoor Fell is in the Southern Fells of the Lake District. It is one of the smaller fells at 1539 feet high but none the less has some wonderful views and is a very pleasant walk. Read More
  • Barry Stewart Photography

    Kent PhotographyHello and welcome to my website. I am an independent photographer based in Kent. From beach sunsets to historic buildings through to modern architecture. Read More
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  • Kent Coast

    Kent coastline has a variety of beaches from the marshes on the north Kent coast to the only desert in the UK at Dungeness and its sandy beaches in Thanet to the pebble beaches at Deal and Dover. In this collection of photos there is Minnis Bay, Sheppey, Cliffe, Margate, Read More
  • Kent Countryside

    Once known as the Garden of England, Kent is well known for its hop farms, chalk grasslands and the South Downs as well as the world famous White Cliffs at Dover. With historic houses and castles dotted throughout the county, there is always something to see. Read More
  • Thames Seaforts

    These impressive sea forts, constructed during the Second World War by Guy Maunsell, simply tower over you as you approach them. Once joined together by walkways, these towers are now left standing alone, rusting in winter storms and the pounding of the sea. Read More
  • London Underground

    London Underground has a fascinating mixture of old and new. Many of the stations are now being modernised and we are losing some of the architecture that went into the Tube in the past, but this is being replaced with new and innovative work Read More
  • London

    London is constantly changing and is a city where new and old have always been side by side. All the angles and reflections from modern architecture are just as great to [hotograph as the many historical monuments in the capital. Read More
  • Canary Wharf

    Along with the Old City in London, Canary Wharf is a major financial and business district in London. Rising up from derelict docklands in the 1980s, Canary Wharf has a very distinctive skyline and is very photogenic in daylight or at night. Read More
  • Camera Phone

    Never underestimate the use of a camera phone! They are excellent tools for the times when you see something unexpected, and are just as good for photos which you have not planned to take. At the moment I use a iPhone. Read More
  • My Blog

    I have plenty of hobbies to keep me going, maybe to much. Apart from photography I love walking in the Lakes, Wales and the Peak District. Also I run another site called underground Kent, which is on the local forts and tunnels. Read More
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